A Letter To Those Who Didn’t Make It In The CPA Board Exam

It’s been three months after the results of the CPA Board exam last October went out, and after not seeing your name on the roll of successful examinees, you felt like the world crumbled beneath your feet. You felt like sh**, and even after a week or so, you still do.

I know that feeling. I’ve been there. Three times. I’ve failed, got conditioned and failed again, and in each time, I felt myself plummeting into the abyss that is self-pity.

But I never gave up, and so will you.

In a few months from today, you will be given another chance. A chance to redeem the self-trust you’ve lost. A chance to prove not just to everyone else, but to yourself, that you deserve that title – C.P.A.

So get up, prep your reviewers and put on your best game face. You’ve been there before and you know what to expect.

You’re almost ready. See you on oath taking day. 😉


  1. Inspiring post, Ms. Nicole! Linked this to my post, if you wouldn’t mind. 🙂

    1. Nicole O. says:

      No prob! 🙂

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