Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

Almost every profession in the Philippines has the dream to work abroad. Nurses, engineers, teachers – you name it, there are a lot of them out there. Of course, accountants are slowly getting in the bandwagon and are trying their luck out on the field, with the promise of better pay, benefits and opportunities.

Last week, a colleague had her despidida (going-away party) before her trip to Australia. She applied for a scholarship that would be a stepping stone for her to get certified in Australia, and land her a “better paying job for bread and butter.”

Ever since, I wasn’t that agog of working abroad. Whereas all of my classmates and friends during high school and college opted for courses that would lead them to careers overseas, I on the other hand was content in studying a discipline which I believe would sufficiently support me even if I just stayed. Now, engaged with a few months to go before tying the knot, with the road leading to starting my own family, I began to rethink my options. Is it really worth to switch pastures? Do the grass on the other end really grow greener, or does my field just need more watering?

Accountants overseas are not a surprise. Attention to detail, thoroughness and precision are just some of the traits we embody that makes us valuable to employers. Being a Filipino, I also take pride in the fact that we are very hardworking people. I’ve heard of handful working abroad when I was still studying, but right now, accountants are starting to tip over the bandwagon which nurses and engineers usually dominate.

Fellow colleagues, what are your thoughts on this?